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Success Stories


I had an autoimmune disease start to rear it's ugly head after several years of intense stress. A really nasty thing that thins delicate tissues and removes melatonin, tearing easily and eventually causing scar tissue. Not pleasant.


I had been under enormous stress for several years. I was at the lowest and sickest point in my life both mentally and physically. 


I'm a mom of 2 + a dog, I'm a wife, a start up entrepreneur, a full time employee, a daughter of aging parents and a support person for a brother in law with brain damage. COVID hit everyone hard. For us, our startup business was about to take off in the sports industry when everything shut down. Years of sacrifice, blood, sweat and dedication on the brink of collapse. We took a real blow.


Like so many, my goal for 2022 was to "get healthy" and work my way out of the cave I had crawled into. My son’s goal was the same with the addition of getting abs and realizing a spinning flip kick. We were in it together!



Thanks to a good friend, I was introduced to the Wildfit Program. I already knew Ashifa and trusted her so I signed up for the program in an effort to put some real weight behind achieving my goal. And that's exactly what happened. Not only did I release 22 lbs of weight, I lost 15 inches around my body and I've learned how to eat in a way that works for me. I have zero autoimmune issues, no brain fog, and I haven't had this much energy since before I had kids! 


I never thought I’d be this happy in my body again. I gave away all of my smaller sized clothes resigned to the fact that I’d likely just keep getting bigger, not smaller. But now the opposite is true. I keep shrinking! I’ve dropped a few more pounds since graduating Wildfit. The main thing for me is how great I feel. 


I'm no longer addicted to coffee, which used to literally run my life. Coffee decided when I would start my day and how long that day would be. Coffee decided my moods and my sleep schedule. Coffee decided where I would spend my breaks and social visits. Now I’m up before my alarm and ready to take on the day. 


I even travel with green drinks because they make me feel great! The photo is of me on a stagette. 


Thanks to Ashifa and to the Wildfit program, I've never felt better. 


With love, gratitude, and green drinks,



Doing the WILDFIT 90 day program helped me relieve pressure off my knees, provided me with more energy, less inflammation in my body, more confidence and conscious awareness around why I eat and the types of food I eat. I released 16lbs and a total of 13 inches and I fit into my skinny jeans. I feel so proud of myself and so grateful for investing in my health!

What I love about this program is that it easily allowed me to gradually release foods that are non-supportive and provided me with skills to stay away from them. Most importantly it helped me change my mindset to make better lifelong choices surrounding food.



* I worked with Ashifa, an incredible coach (big respect!) who led by example, held the bar high, was compassionate with us all through the program, shared ideas and knowledge and held an unshakable belief in us when we were wavering ourselves – very grateful and learnt tons
* I connected with beautiful like-minded women, as we supported each other as a team with accountability & motivation in a safe container of love and acceptance and built new friendships while experiencing the power of collective conscious
* I gained confidence and lost weight/inches that I was feeling hopeless around – I am enjoying being in my own skin and how I feel in my clothes now and know that selflove is not a number
* I reduced my portion sizes by listening to my body and slowing down during meals.

This 90 day challenge has had ripple effects on my children through modelling, not nagging – they’re all more aware of the food choices they’re making, including sugar.This is just the beginning of a lifestyle – grateful for the knowledge, awareness and growth! 

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Wildfit 90 day program was exactly what I needed. I found this program so easy to follow and not stressful at all. I found that the first 2 weeks, working on my relationship with food made a huge impact on how I relate to food. I am now so much more aware of my emotions and how they effect my food choices.

There were so many wins that I gained from this program like, my skin clearing up, feeling so much more calm, decrease in my blood pressure and thyroid medication and I released 15 lbs and 9 inches around my body. 

I would totally recommend this program and you as a coach. The support you gave was very authentic, empathetic and truly supportive. You do this from your heart. This program is definitely a lifestyle and not a temporary diet.”

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The skills I learned during the 90 day challenge are so many. Understanding impact of sugar, dairy and refined carbs on health; understanding internal motivation for certain food choices and external manipulation by food industry; getting in a position to do intermittent fasting properly, especially longer fasts (3 days); better digestion; increased energy; regaining control over food choices, in particular during social situations; no more "hangryness"; reduced weight.

The biggest aha-moment for me was finding my internal dialogue! I never realized it was actually happening! 

WILDFIT is an excellent program in that it provides the tools for lifelong changes and the confidence to achieve them!


I didn't expect much from the program since I had already lost a some weight on a dirty keto diet. However, I knew I couldn't sustain this, plus I wanted release another 15 lbs and deal with the low energy I was feeling.

I began to pay attention to the inner dialogue and noticed how introducing or absence of certain foods make me feel.  I had an improvement in my energy levels, gained a better awareness of the food industry marketing practices and lost the 15 lbs that my body was still holding on to.

The big aha moment came as a result of realizing that fat needs to be cycled on and off and that by holding on to fat, one is holding on to toxicity.  I realized then that I was holding on to decades old toxicity.

WILDFIT is a total mind-body-spirit reset. I would absolutely recommend this program especially to those who have chronic conditions.

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